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Created for Oriental dancers

Practice wear for Oriental dance - Specially designed for Oriental dancers

Clothing & Accessories & Jewelry

Our outfits have been specially designed for the practice of Oriental dance. They combine comfort, femininity and elegance.
Complete your dance outfit with our range of accessories and jewelry carefully selected by our team.

Our Story

Mind Body Arts online store was born from the desire to offer clothing specially designed for the practice of Oriental dance, that allows every dancer to move freely, while feeling graceful, beautiful and feminine, whatever their body type, skin tone or hair color, while maintaining comfort and total freedom of movement.

Indeed, finding practice wear for oriental dance can be a challenge. Street-front stores are rare, even non-existent in some regions. Thus, dancers often end up falling back on yoga and jogging outfits. These are comfortable, but are generally unflattering: excessively tight fabrics of pants and bras flatten the buttocks and the chest, create the illusion of unflattering bulges and attenuate the vibration of shimmies...