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Our story

Mind Body Arts online store was born from the desire to offer clothing specially designed for the practice of Oriental dance, that allows every dancer to move freely, while feeling graceful, beautiful and feminine, whatever their body type, skin tone or hair color, while maintaining comfort and total freedom of movement.

Indeed, finding practice wear for oriental dance can be a challenge. Street-front stores are rare, even non-existent in some regions. Thus, dancers often end up falling back on yoga and jogging outfits. These are comfortable, but are generally unflattering: excessively tight fabrics of pants and bras flatten the buttocks and the chest, create the illusion of unflattering bulges and attenuate the vibration of shimmies, while shapeless tops make bust movements barely visible and hide the waistline... Not to mention the limited choice of colors, largely dominated by black, gray or loud colours.

Mind Body Arts wanted to create a selection of products in partnership with Oriental dance teachers, in order to  offer comfortable and stylish clothing that would fit the largest number of people. 


Mind Body Arts collection outfits are flattering to different body types, offering a choice of bright or softer colors, sexy or more modest cuts. Stretchy materials have been chosen to guarantee excellent freedom of movement. The items on offer have been designed to highlight Oriental dance characteristic movements, while ensuring optimal fit.

Mind Body Arts offers items with a choice of sizes from S to XL, so every dancer can find the perfect outfit. Some items are also available in XXL and XS. The variety of colors offered will allow every dancer to shine in their dance outfit, whatever their skin tone or hair color. The outfits can be completed with dance shoes and hip scarves, which will enhance hip bumps and shimmies!

All items are made in Asia by trusted suppliers who are used to satisfying dancers' requirements. Before being included in Mind Body Arts collection, each garment design was worn during long hours of rehearsal and machine washed several times by partner teachers. Feedback from their students was also taken into account, and only those outfits that gave them complete satisfaction in terms of aesthetics, comfort and durability were included in Mind Body Arts selection.

Other items will be added to Mind Body Arts offering, based on trends, the team's favorites and the findings of partner teachers. Do not hesitate to express your wishes in terms of assortment, so that Mind Body Arts collection can be completed according to your needs!

Mind Body Arts wishes you a lot of fun discovering their collection and looks forward to accompanying you in your practice of Oriental dance!

Kind regards,